Professional Men, Professional Women

Professional Men, Professional Women The European Professions from the 19th Century until Today Maria MalatestaThe European Professions from the 19th Century until Today

Maria Malatesta

SAGE Studies in International Sociology, 2010, 200 p.


This book tells the story of the principal European intellectual professions from the demise of the ancien régime to the rise of the European Union. A historical study which applies sociological concepts it creates a European-scale picture of the professions spanning over two centuries of change.

Uniting the legal, medical, engineering and accounting professions it provides a comparative historical and sociological exploration of ‘Professional Europe’.

The book:

  • comprehensively investigates the roots and origins of the four professions
  • reconstructs the processes and changes which have characterised them
  • charts their response to external agents such as the state, diverse social movements, economic crises and wars.

Inspired by Bourdieu it rejects theories of professionalization drawing instead upon the sociology of crisis and theories on the decline of the professions to introduce among others, the topic of the intellectual professions’ relationship with the fascist and authoritarian regimes.

Detailed, well defined and critical in its application Professional Men, Professional Women also examines the role of women within the professions and includes a devoted chapter conducting a twofold comparison between countries and professions.

Recension par Marnix Dressen à paraître dans la Nouvelle Revue du Travail au printemps 2013.

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