Call for papers – (Organising) The extension of working time

Lionel Jacquot, Jean-Philippe Melchior, Simon Paye (ed.)

logo de la NRTThe first issue of the Nouvelle Revue du Travail focused on changes in the temporality of work and how this affected work and workers while highlighting the fragmentation of time at work. Between France’s January 17th 2003 Fillon law and August 6th 2015 Macron “Economic growth, activity and equal opportunity” law, the incremental weakening of the country’s 35-hour workweek laws translated into longer working times, accompanied by a general policy of extending peoples’ working lives by requiring them to pay into their pension pots for a longer period of time. Hence the decision taken in this 11th research strand to focus on the extension in working time. Lire la suite

Call for papers – “In the field of low-cost practices”

Marnix Dressen and Jean-Pierre Durand (ed.)

logo de la NRTThe notion of “low-costing” – which can refer to a production process or finished product – is difficult to define. The term is also applied in a geographic sense, referring to the cheapness of a country’s workforce. This semantic confusion is one of the reasons it is worth focusing on the construct and analysing its growing importance, notably in the Western world. Lire la suite